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The Five Worst Places to Sit in Church

Here is another great cartoon from Dave Walker.

Pews (The Five Worst Places to Sit in Church)
This cartoon by Dave Walker originally appeared in the Church Times.

So, where do you sit in church? Do you sit in the same place each week or do you like to move around?

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How to Sell Lots of Books

Here’s how Mark Twain did it with the dedication to his first book, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cavalerous County, published in 1867.

“To John Smith: Whom I have known in divers and sundry places about the world, and whose many and manifold virtues did always command my esteem, I dedicate this book. It is said that the man to whom a volume is dedicated, always buys a copy. If this prove true in the present instance, a princely affluence is about to burst upon THE AUTHOR.”

Not a bad idea. If you’re writing a book, you may want to give it a try!

Note: If you have a book you would like to publish on the Ipad, Kindle or Nook, I can help: Ebook Formatting for the Ipad, Kindle and Nook

Darth Vader Driving Directions

Here’s a fun clip of Darth Vader recording driving directions for the TomTom GPS.

Darth Vader GPS – behind the scenes (Video length: 2:27)

HT: Kevin DeYoung

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The Sermon (Cartoon by Dave Walker)

Why people may have their eyes closed during the sermon:

The Sermon (Cartoon by Dave Walker)

Do you ever close your eyes during the sermon? I like the pastor who said, “Once I dreamed I was preaching, when all of a sudden I woke up and found that I was!”

HT: The Cartoon Blog

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Coyote Catches Roadrunner

Time for a Saturday cartoon.

Coyote Catches Roadrunner (Video length: 1:41)

So, did you know the coyote ever caught the road runner?

HT: Althouse

Stop Praying!

Here is a great church sign for all my friends up north:

Whoever is praying for snow - please stop!

Do I hear any amens?

HT: Pure Church

Discovery Channel

“I think the Discovery Channel should be on a different channel every day.”  -Comic Craig Sharf

You know it’s cold in Florida when …

… the iguanas start falling out of the trees.

Update: We actually found some iguanas lying around like statues on the church property yesterday. As soon as it gets warm, many of them will be up and running again. Apparently the larger ones have a better chance for survival than the smaller ones. I also heard about a man who put a bunch of frozen iguanas in his truck. Of course he had the heat on which revived the iguanas and he soon found them crawling all over the place while he was trying to drive. Weird stuff!

Best Costume (Transformers)

Here is a very cool costume.

HT: Verum Serum

When Socks Play Hide and Seek


Orange Telecom by PES (video length: 1:05)


Atheist Sunday School

Here is another great cartoon from Dave Walker:

Atheist Sunday School | Cartoon | Dave Walker

In case you were wondering, there really is such a thing as Atheist Sunday School — see News and Notes 11/29/2007

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House Up For Sale

We put our house up for sale this week. Click here for some pictures.