You know it’s cold in Florida when …

… the iguanas start falling out of the trees.

Update: We actually found some iguanas lying around like statues on the church property yesterday. As soon as it gets warm, many of them will be up and running again. Apparently the larger ones have a better chance for survival than the smaller ones. I also heard about a man who put a bunch of frozen iguanas in his truck. Of course he had the heat on which revived the iguanas and he soon found them crawling all over the place while he was trying to drive. Weird stuff!


  1. Dana says:

    Funny. I was just thinking about starting a Facebook meme with this title…

    I keep trying to remind myself that it’s STILL colder everywhere north of here. But the cold weather really is beginning to get old fast. For me and for my poor poinsettias…

    Are you all down here as a family now?

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Dana,

    Yes, we are all together in Florida as a family now. I got down just before the holidays. I really need to put an update on the blog for those who may be wondering.

    Thanks for asking!


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