The Great Texas Road Trip

My wife and I took a road trip around Texas earlier this year. We traveled two thousand miles in eight days and had a blast. If you would like to read about the trip, I wrote up a journal of our eight days on the road. Click here to read about The Great Texas Road Trip.

Texas Map Trip



  1. Very nice information. Thanks

  2. Munroe says:

    Fantastic description of your journey, and I am so glad you enjoyed visiting Texas! I have lived here all my life, and encourage you to do exactly as you said. Make that coastal trip happen. Galveston is rich with history, Texas history! Check out the train museum, the strand district, and be sure to drive the length of Seawall Blvd.!
    If you manage to work in a pass through San Antonio up to Austin, try to go through Lockhart, and eat at Black’s Barbeque. You may enjoy this story about their story.

    I recently found your site and have enjoyed reading your work. Thank you, and God be praised for what you do for Christ’s kingdom!

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Munroe – Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are very much looking forward to our next Texas trip. Thanks for all your suggestions. I am excited about driving the coastal sections and definitely want to loop around to Austin, too. Black’s Barbeque sounds amazing. Thank you so much, and God bless!

  4. Cathy says:

    I’m a Bible Study teacher and come to your site often to see what God has had you share on a scripture I will be teaching. Then I noticed the blog and living in Texas since elementary school I had to read about your trip to Texas. “The stars at night are big and bright….deep in the heart of Texas.” Those that want a glimpse of God’s wonderful creation have to stay up late or get up very early. It amazes me that He puts this all out there and so few really see it because of the distracting lights of what man has created. There is definitely a lesson there…. Thanks for sharing all that you share. Cathy

  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Cathy – Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you find the Bible teaching materials helpful. And thanks for reading about our trip to Texas. It was a great trip, and we can’t wait to come back for round two!

  6. Boris James Materne says:

    Thank you for that description of your road trip. As missionaries, we traveled to all of those places back in the day (now 81 and retired) raising support and visiting supporting churches on furlough. We live in Arlington, Texas, but my wife and I have also taken a number of road trip across Texas and always enjoy visiting the Old West and studying about the historical part of Texas. God bless you and again, thank you most of all for the Sermon Outlines that have helped me as a Sunday School teacher for the past 22 years.

    In Christ,
    Boris & Judy

  7. Ray Fowler says:

    Boris – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you enjoyed the description of the road trip. And I’m glad you are finding the sermon resources helpful. Blessings to you and your wife, and thank you for your service as missionaries.

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