Ebook Formatting for the Ipad, Kindle and Nook

If you or someone you know is working on an ebook or interested in self-publishing, I encourage you to check out Fowler Digital Services. I produce quality ePub and mobi/Kindle conversions which are readable on all standard e-readers including Apple iPad/iPhone, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook. I am careful to preserve the original format of the print book, as well as provide extra features such as an active table of contents, fully-linked footnotes, and even a page number grid (with links to pages from the print edition of the book).

  • ePub and Mobi formats suitable for iPad/iPhone, Kindle and Nook Amazon Kindle
  • quality hand-builds guaranteed to work on all standard ereaders
  • active table of contents with NCX navigation
  • all files validated XHTML and ePubCheck compliant
  • convert from a variety of formats (Word, PDF, Text, RTF, etc.)
  • additional services available upon request:
    • fully-linked footnotes, indexing, etc.
    • special images, tables, charts
    • book page-number grid (This unique feature provides links to pages from the print edition of the book.)
    • proofreading, editing, transcriptions, etc.
  • will work with you to handle the unique demands of your project
    ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket copies included with each order.

If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Click here to learn more about Fowler Digital Services.


  1. Angeline Saether says:

    What are the features of the ipad in comparison to a computer? For instance, does the ipad allow you to watch video clips without using the entire screen like the iPod touch does? Also is there a disk drive and will you be able to use a mouse when the ipad is on the keyboard dock? Also, does the ipad allow you to play games which are compatible for computer?

  2. mr col shannon says:

    hi there mr col shannon here i have writtern a book called th mediator i have published it on smashwords internet site i am loking for a formatting disc to flow to show me screen by how to format my books to go on the ebooks site, with respect to you has a formatter can you help me with this issue. please contact me on 07507510228 or my email mr col shannon siging off.

  3. TED BEHRENS says:

    Hello again Ray,

    I’m still looking for someone to create a simple cover for my ebook before I send it out for you to give me an estimate on formatting. Can you format the book for Kindle and B&N before I have the cover?

    You sent me the names of two cover artists which I’m discussing the cover with but they are pretty pricy. Have you heard of Mother Spider ? She does covers also and she is in Ft. Meyers close to you I think. As I recall you bid the my short fiction book (22000 words =/-) at $100? + $50 for a rush order of formatting.?? Do you also send the format versions to Amazon and B&N and others ? Thanks Ted

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