After-Service Coffee

After Service Coffee
(From The Cartoon Blog)

We once did a skit at our church very similar to this as a way of reminding our people to reach out to guests on Sunday mornings. Does this cartoon remind you of your church at all? What are some ways your church tries to make guests feel welcome?

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  1. Margaret says:

    When we moved to Kennebunk, we were of course looking for a new church home. We were greeted at the door by a smiling friendly man who welcomed us warmly. AFter the service the head deacon came up to us and welcomed us and said if they could do anything to help, they were available. Others in the church also spoke to us, – all of this helped to make us feel at home there. We tried 4 different churches in our search, and made this one our new home, Kennebunk Baptist Church. We have been members for about 7 years now and we are very happy here with wonderful Christian fellowship.

    I believe the friendly welcome was very important in our decision, though obviously not the only thing. The Pastor, the choir, the combination of traditional hymns and modern choruses, and of course the love and evangelical outreach, – these were all factors.

    We make an effort to reach out to the people who come to visit and have a greetings time early in the service which gives an opportunity to speak with strangers. I think this is an important part of first impressions.

  2. Sharon Gamble says:

    Any ideas on what to do in a very large church with multiple services? I am constantly smiling and saying “are you new?” and being told they have been at the church longer than ME!

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