The Cluster Approach to the GOP Nomination

Andrew Jackson at wisely recommends that GOP voters take a “cluster approach” when it comes to choosing a candidate for the Republican nomination.

I think one of the mistakes being made right now in the GOP race, however, is we feel like we have to choose ONE CANDIDATE ONLY. What we might call the “singular approach.” So, folks are having a tendency to bounce back and forth based on how a candidate is doing at the moment, and feel embarrassed if they change from one candidate to another.

I have recently decided to take the “cluster approach.” That is, I know the cluster of candidates that I am supporting (McCain, Thompson, Huckabee), and the cluster that I am not (Guiliani, Romney, and the others). This provides me more flexibility to allow the race to fully unfold, and I will make my final decision when primary vote time actually arrives. In other words, the cluster approach allows for a little more grace for me and the candidates.

This is basically the approach I have been taking, although my “cluster” is a little different than Andrew’s. I have been supportive of Thompson and Romney, and now tentatively Huckabee; while not supportive of Guiliani, McCain and others. (Note: If you haven’t visited recently, check out the new design – very nice.)

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