Ravi Zacharias on Electing the Next President

Christian author and apologist Ravi Zacharias speaks about the impact of the Judeo-Christian worldview on the founding of our country in the context of electing the next president.

What we want is a politician who will understand . . . the framework of the value of human life and the moral framework of the Judeo-Christian world view, which is the only moral framework under which this country could have been framed . . . that we are all created equal, that liberty and justice and all of those terms that I’ve given only make sense within the Judeo-Christian world view.

Created? Equal? Naturalism does not tell us we are equal. Naturalism does not tell us we are created. Liberty? Islam does not believe in the total liberty of the individual. Equal? Hinduism believes in the caste system. The Judeo-Christian world view is the only world view that could frame this country. And so I think as we elect, we go before God and see out of the candidates who will be the best one to represent the values and at the same time be a good leader for the country whose first responsibility should be to protect its citizens.

HT: Hugh Hewitt

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  1. Aakash says:

    When I first became a Christian, someone gave me tapes of, and a book by, Dr. Zacharias. At the time, I found them difficult to relate to, and preferred apologetics that were more simple. Now however, I think I need to start listening to Dr. Zacharias’s speeches and podcasts.

    Thank you for blogging about this.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Aakash,

    I agree, Ravi can be complex at times and difficult to follow. One of the reasons I liked the quote here is because I thought it was exceptionally clear.

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