The Pastor’s Dog

Well, I posted on pastors earlier this week and then on the pastor’s wife, so I thought it was time for the pastor’s dog. I love this old cartoon from Leadership Journal.

Pastor's Dog

Remember, Beauregard, you’re the pastor’s dog; all the other dogs will be watching you.

                  (Rob Suggs; Leadership, Spring 1987, Vol. 8, no. 2, p. 75.)

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  1. Sabra Coker says:

    I absolutely adore the joke about the pastor’s dog! I wish I had a copy of that… made my day! Thank you.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! As a pastor, that’s always been one of my favorites.

  3. Dennis N Reedy says:

    Had a black Lab who was the comforter of several neighborhood kids when the were in the dog house. These boys would literally climb into his doghouse and cry out their complaints. He was always very pastoral.

    -Retired Pastor

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