You Might Be a Pastor’s Wife If …

Here is a follow-up to yesterday’s post on You Might Be a Pastor.

You might be a pastor’s wife if …

  • Every summer you counsel at teen camp for your vacation.
  • You have shaken as many hands as a politician.
  • People think your husband works only three hours a week.
  • You can teach Sunday School and nurse your baby at the same time.
  • You can sincerely pray for someone’s dog!
  • You spend more time visiting in hospitals than doctors do.
  • People consider you a walking phone book for church members.
  • You sing in the choir, teach Sunday School, and host a missionary family all in the same day.
  • You’re expected to be a piano player … actually, a “spiritual gift!”

Source: You Might Be a Pastor’s Wife If, by Kathy Slamp

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