First Year Blog Stats

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As part of the celebration, this seems as good a time as any to share the stats for my blog. I don’t refer to them much, but I do make them available on the Stats tab for those who are interested. I only update them at the end of each month, so here are the stats for March 2007 – February 2008.

In this first year of blogging, I have welcomed visitors from 157 countries around the world. Here are the number of page views, visitors, comments and posts for the year:

    Page Views:   118,489
    Visitors:            65,783
    Comments:         1,587
    Posts:                    590

And here is a chart showing the monthly growth over the course of the year. There was a nice jump in the month of June, and then again in October, and then a much bigger jump in December. I am not sure why. You can click on the chart for a larger image. Blog Stats: March 2007 – February 2008                               (Click on the chart for a larger image.)

Thanks everyone once again for visiting!

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