Four Ways to Get Rid of Your Pastor

Here are four ways on how to get rid of your pastor (from Richard W. De Haan, Your Pastor and You):

  1. Say “Amen!” once in a while, and he’ll preach himself to death.
  2. Encourage him and brag on his work, and he’ll probably work himself to death.
  3. Offer to help out with the ministry of the church and request the name of a person with whom you could go share the Gospel – your pastor just might die of heart failure.
  4. Get the church to unite in prayer for the preacher, and he’ll soon become so effective that a larger church will take him off your hands.

DeHaan concludes the list by saying: “If we terminated more apathy and fewer pastors, we would see greater results.”

Okay, everyone. You’ve read the list. Now go get rid of your pastor!

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  1. Just brilliant … and it just might work!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Actually, what is really scary is how many people have arrived at my blog in the past several weeks because they were googling: “How to get rid of your pastor.”

  3. angela says:

    every pastor is not worth keeping. these folks are easier to get in and harder to get out. the people can keep trying to work with him and hes just going to have his way. ineffective, selfish, selfserving people need to be removed.

  4. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Angela,

    It sounds like you may have had some bad experiences with pastors in the past. This post was meant to be humorous, but it is true sometimes churches run into problems with their pastors. I think it is important for the church to have some type of mechanism in place to provide feedback to the pastor, both for when things are going well or when there may need to be some changes. Some churches do this through an elder board while others have a pastoral relations committee. Either way, it is important to pray for your pastor and ask God to work in the situation. Thanks for commenting!

  5. John says:

    Sad to say, this hits very close to home! Having survived an untimely exit, I can only agree that a church that encourages, prays for and strongly supports their Pastor, even if he is “below par”, will experience great things and God will be blesses.

  6. Ray Fowler says:

    John – Although most churches do right by their pastors, I have heard some real horror stories out there as well. I am sorry if yours is one of them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. PASTOR CAIN says:


  8. Sheikh says:

    Like it.
    I am sending this to my congregation.

    By the way, I am their pastor.

  9. Ray Fowler says:

    Sheikh – I love it! I hope your congregation follows through on all four points … and I trust you will have a long and healthy ministry with them if they do!

  10. Mark says:

    Actually, I was googling ‘rid pasture of oregano’, and this is the first web page that came up! Go figure! So I clicked on it. Just curious. No oregano here.

  11. Ray Fowler says:

    Mark – That’s too funny. May you successfully rid your pasture of any and all unwanted oregano.

  12. go says:

    all these do and have done is create a poorly prepared self-centered pastor who spent a lot of time talking about himself

  13. Tina says:

    Sadly, I don’t think there is a way to get rid of the guy who split a church recently in Polk County, TN. He caused over 70 people to leave, some of whom were decendents of charter members. Other families have been split also, and this person has asked certain members to not even speak to their family members who left. To me, this is just evil, but the Southern Baptist Convention, nor the Tennessee Baptist Convention will do anything about him. He is running without a budget, yet got folks to vote in an across the board raise for all staffers. This is a small church, certainly not able to sustain the cost of having him run the entire church into the ground. My own family has become so disheartened that we are considering leaving the Baptist church altogether and joining a United Methodist church. At least the Methodist’s can usually get rid of some bad preacher without too much bloodshed. They have RULES for their preachers. Can’t you come up with some REAL ways to get rid of a preacher who has obviously become a tool of the devil????? This is not really a ‘joking’ matter! I came looking here for help to assist my other family and all I find are four ‘jokes’. NOT what I needed today.

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