Is Squanto in the Bible?

Most blog stats have the capability of tracking what Google search phrases brought different visitors to the site. I often check this feature just to see how visitors are finding my blog. (The visitors remain anonymous; I only see the last search phrase that was typed into Google before they arrived at the site.)

Most of the time the searches are fairly routine: such as “sermons on habakkuk” or “sins of the fathers.” But every once in a while, a search phrase will jump out at me as either odd or humorous.

Here are three search phrases that caught my eye in the past few months:

  • Is Squanto in the Bible? – This one happened last week and brought the visitor to the Legend of Squanto post. Somehow I just thought it was funny. Actually, for someone not familiar with the Bible or American culture, it is a legitimate question. And the answer is: No, Squanto is not in the Bible. The contents of the Bible were completed sometime in the first century. Squanto was born in the 1580’s and died in 1622.
  • How to get rid of your pastor – I don’t know if this person was serious about getting rid of their pastor or not, but their search brought them to the Pastors archive page and eventually to the joke post, Four Ways to Get Rid of Your Pastor. I hope all is well with their church (and pastor!).
  • Ray Fowler dead or alive – You can bet this one caught my attention! This search brought them to the Death archive page and eventually to the post on the death of D. James Kennedy. I am not sure what this visitor was looking for, but I take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of Ray Fowler’s in the world. (Watch out, Dad!)

How about you? If you are a blogger, have you ever had some unusual search phrases lead to your blog?


  1. My blog posts use titles that are movie quotes, so I often get searches for stuff that I’m sure the reader finds unrelated to his or her original query.

    But … one google search that I particularly thought was odd for my blog was using the search words “Nietzsche” and “divorce,” but I couldn’t remember a post containing the intersection of those 2.

    However, I realized that the search brought up my archives page from May 2006. During that month, of course, I had mentioned both of those, though in different posts.

  2. Ray Fowler says:


    Yes, I have also gotten some visitors due to odd combinations of search terms appearing in separate posts in either archive or category pages. In fact, the “Ray Fowler dead or alive” search is a good example of that.

  3. Yeah, I gotta say someone checking to see if you’re still alive trumps anything I’ve seen in my searches.


    Glad to hear you’re still with us. You’ll let us know if that changes, however, right?

  4. Ray Fowler says:

    Well, if I don’t, I hope somebody will do it for me!

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