Free Ebook on Being a Christian in Work

Being a Christian in Work, by Muel Kaptein


Muel Kaptein has provided a wonderful resource for Christians at work. Kaptein is a professor of work ethics and advisory partner at KPMG Ethics & Integrity. The book is based on his experiences as a practicing Christian as well as his education in business administration and partly in theology.

The book is set up in workbook format, with short thoughts on various issues relating to work accompanied by questions for reflection or discussion. The material is practical, accessible, filled with scripture references and biblically sound. This is a great book for either individual reading or for use in Bible study or discussion groups.

You can purchase the book in paperback at Amazon here: Being a Christian in Work (Paperback) Or Kaptein has generously made the PDF of the book available for free download here: Being a Christian in Work (Free PDF)

I trust you will find this resource helpful as you seek to be faithful to Christ whatever your work situation.

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