How (and why) I read 150 books a year

Many people are looking for ways to read more books. I decided to share my approach in case it may be helpful for you or others you know. I made the goal to read 150 books a year back in 2017. Since then, I have reached or exceeded that goal each year. So, here is how and why I read 150 books a year.

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  1. Karen Frodge says:

    Hi! Great tips and certainly something to aspire to! I was wondering, I generally do my devotions in the morning along with Bible reading and journaling. Usually about an hour. I try to have an additional book to read that is Christ centered instruction. Do you set a timer? I don’t always get to the book so I just wondered how you fit that into your ritual.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Karen, I don’t have a timer so much as a schedule and a routine. I have a block of time in the morning for Bible reading and prayer. And then I have a block of time following that for my morning book reading and Bible memory. You can see my weekly schedule here:

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