10 Ways To Do Your Husband Good

Just in time for Father’s Day, here is a great list of 10 ways to do your husband good (from Nicole at GirlTalk).

10 Ways to Do Your Husband Good (Proverbs 31:12)

  1. Write him a love note and place it in his sock drawer.
  2. Take an entire evening to enjoy his favorite hobby with him.
  3. Show up at work with a special drink or take him to lunch.
  4. Encourage him for demonstrating a specific godly trait—in front of friends.
  5. Arrange a datenight at his favorite restaurant.
  6. Pray for him today and tell him you are doing so.
  7. Surprise him with his favorite dessert after dinner.
  8. Greet him in an extra-special way when he comes home from work.
  9. Lead the children in a time of honoring him.
  10. Ask him: “What is one way I can be a better wife?” Then do it!

What are some other ways wives can do their husbands good? We husbands want to get as many ideas out there as possible!

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  1. Sharon Gamble says:

    Something I learned from the Love and Respect series – men are more likely to enjoy “shoulder to shoulder” time – working side by side, watching a movie/TV show side by side than “face to face” time – talking over dinner. So…find something he would like to do shoulder to shoulder. Talking is optional. 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    Those are good suggestions, including Sharon’s. I would add some simple ideas:

    Thank him for little acts of kindness, such as preparing vegetables, drying dishes etc.

    Hold his hand when walking together.

    Tell him “I love you” with a hug and a kiss.

    Pray together, holding hands, and thank God for the love you share together.

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