The Taliabo Story

The Taliabo Story / Delivered from Darkness - DVDYesterday in church we viewed one of my all time favorite mission videos: The Taliabo Story. The Taliabo Story tells the story of how God used two New Tribes Mission families to bring the gospel to an unreached people group in Indonesia.

Stephen & Mary Lonetti and Darryl & Kyla Palmer went to live with the Taliabo people in order to share Christ with them. After four years of learning the Taliabo language and culture, they began to share with them the “great story,” beginning with God and creation in Genesis.

Working chronologically forward through the Old Testament, they taught them key concepts about God, man, sin, death, judgment, mercy, and grace. All of this was in preparation to teach them about Christ. After six months of teaching, they were finally ready to share with them about Christ’s death and resurrection. You will just have to watch the video to see what happened then!

Do you have a favorite missions video? Share about it in the comments. (You can purchase The Taliabo Story along with its sequel on DVD here: The Taliabo Story and Delivered from Darkness DVD.)

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  1. Margaret says:

    I think we had a video called “Peace Child” at our church many years ago. I forget who made the video, but I remember it was a remarkable mission story.

    We also recently viewed the updated version of the Auca Indian story, – I think it was narrated by Nate Saint’s son. (Nate Saint was one of the 5 martyred missionaries killed by Auca spears in Ecuador in 1956.) This was also a very impressive and moving film, well worth watching, with recent interviews with some of thse involved in the original incident.

  2. Margaret says:

    I want to add to my previous comments. I looked up the title of the Auca video. It is “Beyond the Gates of Splendor”. and we showed it at our church, and it was very well-received and meaningful.

    Another movie we showed was “Last Flight Out”. If I am remembering correctly, I think it was a Billy Graham film, and was a very exciting missionary film. This one is fiction, as far as I know, but has an excellent message, and would be enjoyed by all ages, especially youth groups.

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Margaret – Thanks for some good suggestions. Anyone else?

  4. John Sperque says:

    Peace Child is a story from Don Richardson, very good one by the way.
    Taliabo is one of the movies that express the most pure way of the gospel and its salvific effects. Thanks God.
    I am brazilian and if you can find a movie called “Terra Selvagem” (Wild Earth) it is the story of a mission called “Asas de Socorro” (Wings of Help). A group of pilots who take missionaries and supplies into Amazon forest in Peru and Brazil, Worthy watching. God bless you all.

  5. John Sperque says:

    Amazing Grace, story of William Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer are two great movies. Eric Metaxas biografies are good as well worthy reading 🙂

  6. Steffen says:

    Greetings, I just watched the Taliabo Story again. We also showed it to our AWANA kids a few weeks back. I was wondering if anybody of you knows the song which is played at the end of the story? I tried to understand the lyrics but the sound quality of the DVD is not that great. I think one line of the verse goes like ‘my Father God, my Father listens to the words I pray. My Father listens to the words I share…’. But yes, not sure about it…

    Would appreciate your feedback.


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