Look Ma, Someone Messed Up My Blog!

Oh, that would be me. One of these days, I will enjoy a simple, pain-free process in upgrading my blog. Today is not that day. Oh well, until I get it all figured out, I apologize for the strange layout problems you may be viewing (wide-stretched theme, misplaced sidebar, double photo in header, etc). Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor energy to fix it right now.

Update: I have temporarily switched over to the WordPress Default theme until I can get things fixed on my regular theme. The default theme does not display the links to the pages, so here they are if you are looking for them.

Blog Pages:
Archives / Profile / Resources / Sermons / Stats / Top Posts / Writings

Update 2: Fixed. It turns out there was a bug with K2 RC7 and WordPress 7.1. Here is the link if anyone has the same problem: WordPress 2.7.1 and K2 1.0-RC7 I just uploaded the new info.php file, and everything worked fine again.

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