Around the Web – 9/3/2008

  • Google Browser. The beta version of Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser, is now available for free download.
  • 30-Days of Prayer. This 30-day prayer focus helps Christians pray for Muslims during the month of Ramadan (September 1-30, 2008). This year’s motto is: “Loving Muslims Through Prayer.” You can sign up for the daily email list here.
  • The Dead Sea is Dying. A reduced supply of water from the Jordan River is causing the water level in the Dead Sea to drop at an estimated rate of 1 meter per year.
  • Staying Well. Dr. Francis Collins (author of the best-selling “The Language of God”) is working on a book that promises “stunning new revelations about why we get sick; what it means to be healthy; how we can prevent disease; and medical treatment.”
  • Israel to Display the Dead Sea Scrolls on the Internet. Specialists are digitally photographing every one of the thousands of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls with the aim of making the entire file available to all on the Internet.

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