Blog Contest: Guess the 150th Country!

Hi! Welcome to and the “Guess the 150th Country” blog contest! It’s easy, it’s fun, and it costs you nothing to enter. While you are here, feel free to browse the Archives Page to get a feel for the site. If you enjoy your visit, be sure to bookmark the site or subscribe by email or feed reader so that you don’t miss any future posts.

The Contest:  I have been keeping track of how many different countries have visited this site since I first started blogging last March. As of today I have had visitors from 149 countries. I ran a similar contest last September when we approached the 100th country mark, so I thought it would be fun to revamp the contest, only this time it is: Guess the 150th country to visit my blog!

The Prize:  a $25 Gift Certificate

The Rules:

  1. Respond with your best guess in the comments section.
  2. One guess allowed per person.
  3. The contest closes when the 150th country visits. (One exception: If you are the first visitor from the 150th country, and you are the first person to guess your country, then your guess will be allowed, and you will win!)
  4. When a visitor from the 150th country visits the blog, I will check the comments on this post to see who named that country first.
  5. I will notify the winner by email and post the winning entry on the blog.

The Tips:

  1. Before you guess, be sure to visit the Stats page first to check which countries have already visited.
  2. Also before you guess, be sure to check the comments other people have already left to see if someone already guessed a particular country.
  3. When you leave your comment, you may want to place a check in the “Subscribe to Comments” box to track the progress of the contest. (When you check this box, future comments from this post will be emailed to you. You can unsubscribe at any time.)

That’s it! I believe there are only about 40 countries remaining, and I don’t know if they all have internet access, so go ahead and guess while you can. You can find a list of all the countries in the world at the Fun Facts link below.

Fun Facts:  How Many Countries In The World?

Now that is a question that’s somewhat difficult to answer, as there is no one right answer. Many sources offer different answers, and depending on the source, there are 189, 191, 192, 193 or 194 independent countries in the world today.


  1. Anthony says:

    congrats on that many countries!! my guess is Bolivia

    Thanks, Anthony! – Ray

  2. Mary says:

    My guess is Papua New Guinea. I am looking in a National Geographic magazine for ideas and found some pictures from there.

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  4. Jess says:


  5. Margaret says:

    My guess is ERITREA. Here’s hoping!

  6. Jacket says:

    Hmm my guess is Cote d’Ivoire

    It’s a fun contest, thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. david fowler says:

    Andorra. Here’s hoping lightning strikes twice!

    I don’t know, David. It is going to look suspicious if you win again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Winner from September Contest But all the best to everyone participating! – Ray

  8. Sharon Gamble says:

    Two entries: Sharon Gamble — Lesotho
    Ray Gamble — Paraguay

  9. Brenda says:


  10. Maggie says:


  11. brandy w says:

    my guess is kyrgyzstan

  12. Ego says:

    El salvador

  13. lovedandamazed says:

    Cape Verde

  14. Melinda says:

    What a fun contest!
    I’m gonna have to go with Liberia, since I used to live there.
    Thanks! melinda(at)melindamusil(dot)com

  15. Nicole says:

    I’ll guess Lebanon.

  16. grace says:

    My guess is Turkmenistan.

  17. Danielle S says:

    I will choose………… Turkey!

  18. Cindi Hoppes says:

    I will guess “Bhutan!” Thanks,Cindi

  19. Laney says:

    A guess from me (Elayne Ayan)- Liechtenstein, and from Joy Ayan – Ukraine

  20. John Ayan says:

    My guess is Afghanistan

  21. Bethany says:

    How about French Guiana?

  22. grace says:

    I’ll guess again, what about The VATICAN? It’s a country, right? and it’s not like the pope has no internet connection. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Grace – I just checked the World Atlas, and yes, they do list Vatican City as a country. But, it’s only one guess per person, so that means the Vatican is still up for grabs. Hey, maybe the pope will visit and win – that would be cool! I wonder what he would order from Amazon? – Ray

  23. mom to p says:


    Hi mom to p – I’m sorry, for some reason your comment got held up for moderation earlier, and I only just found it now. So, I have added your guess to the list below. Thanks for playing! – Ray

  24. mom to p says:

    Guess again – Georgia.

    Whoops, I just checked the stats and Georgia has already visited in the past. Plus, everyone remember, only one guess per person! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Ray

  25. Ray Fowler says:

    Wow, we have 25 26 guesses already, but no new countries have visited yet. Here is a list of all the guesses so far (in order):

    Anthony – Bolivia
    Mary – Papua New Guinea
    Jess – Monaco
    Margaret – Eritrea
    Danny – Haiti
    Jacket – Ivory Coast
    David – Andorra
    Sharon – Lesotho
    Ray – Paraguay
    Brenda – Iraq
    Maggie – Ireland
    Brandy – Kyrgyzstan
    Ego – El Salvador
    lovedandamazed – Cape Verde
    Melinda – Liberia
    Nicole – Lebanon
    Grace – Turkmenistan
    Danielle – Turkey
    Rekzai – Kuwait
    Cindi – Bhutan
    Elayne – Liechtenstein
    Joy – Ukraine
    Laura – New Zealand
    John – Afghanistan
    Bethany – French Guiana
    Mom to P – Samoa

    I will keep checking my stats throughout the day, so keep checking the comments and as soon as the 150th country visits, I will be sure to post the results here!

  26. Ray Fowler says:

    By the way, if you haven’t made a guess yet, there are still 15-20 countries left that have not visited the blog and have not already been guessed by somebody else. You might want to guess now while there is still time.

  27. Ray Fowler says:

    I just checked last night’s stats and … still no new country! The last time I ran this contest in September it only took three days for a new country to visit. Of course, there were a lot more potential new countries then! I just checked the days the most recent countries visited, and it seems to have slowed down to about one new country a week. So hang in there – maybe sometime in the next couple of days?

  28. Ray Fowler says:

    Aaaaah! I just checked last night’s stats, and the 150th country visited, and no one guessed it! That just doesn’t seem right, so instead of closing the contest down, I am making an executive decision to apply all the above and future guesses to the 151st country instead. So, hang in there. You might still be a winner! Oh yes, the 150th country was Laos.

  29. Ray Fowler says:

    We have a winner! At 11:22 this morning, I had my first visitor from the country of El Salvador. Ego guessed El Salvador back on February 2, so Ego, you are the winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate. (I will email you separately just in case you miss this comment.) I have now had visitors from 151 countries — only 43 more to go! Thank you everyone for playing and for visiting the blog.

  30. Candy Gorcsi says:

    No Scotland yet? that seems strange

  31. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Candy,

    You have a good eye! Actually, even though Scotland is not officially listed on the Stats page, I have had many visits from people in Scotland. All the visits from Scotland, England and Wales are presently gathered together under the United Kingdom. I have considered listing them separately, but this is just the way they show up in my current stats program. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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