Winner of the Guess the Country Blog Contest

The Guess the 150th Country Blog Contest is now officially over. We have a winner! At 11:22 this morning, I had my first visit from the country of El Salvador. Ego guessed El Salvador back on February 2, so Ego, you are the winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate. (I will email you separately just in case you miss this post.) I have now had visitors from 151 countries — only 43 more to go! Thank you everyone for playing and for visiting the blog.


  1. Ego says:

    Hi Ray 🙂 Thanks for the prize! Will let you know when I’ve received it.

    Just wanted to share the story of how I won:

    As I was looking at Ray’s list of 149 countries, I was singing the “Nations of the World” song from Animaniacs. The first country on the song that wasn’t in his list was El Salvador, so I wrote that down.

    And my friends thought it was a silly idea to memorize that song!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Ego – That is a great story! Thanks for sharing. Your gift card has been ordered and should be on its way.

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