The Magic Dresser (A Poem for Mother’s Day)

This little ditty popped into my head the other night while walking from the kitchen to the bedroom. I don’t know where it came from, so I can’t give it back. By the time I reached the bedroom it was finished, so I recited it for my wife. She liked it, so I posted it here.

“THE MAGIC DRESSER” (A Poem for Mother’s Day) – by Ray Fowler

I have a magic dresser; it has a magic drawer.
I take my clean clothes out of it and then go back for more.
I only take things out of it; I never put them in.
But every time I open it, my clothes are clean again.
I don’t know why this happens; I’m not sure how it works.
But if I forget my wife on Mother’s Day, I must really be a jerk!

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  1. Laney says:

    What a great poem! I always wondered how husbands viewed these things and now I know. I’m sure you speak for husbands everywhere!

  2. This poem has been one of I and my father’s favorite poem’s. I first heard it from him as a small child when he used it in a talk he gave in our ward sacrament meeting. The poem has stayed with me and has been a guide, a shinning light for me and my wife as we raised our 4 sons. I am now almost 68 years old and just the thought of this poem brings to my minds eye all the memories of growing up and of raising our sons. Family is the essential unit of our Father in Heavens plan for His children here on earth. The author, whom ever they are, captured the essence of Gods hope that each of us, as earthly parents, might use the principles in this poem to bring us all back to His presence after our mortal journey here on earth!

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