Playing Mr. Mom

I am playing Mr. Mom for a couple weeks while my wife, Rose, is away visiting family. I have done this before, and I am not very good at it. At first things go pretty smoothly, and I think, “This isn’t so hard after all.” But over the next several days things around the house begin to shift, and then to slip, and finally to slide. By the time Rose gets back, we are generally in freefall. Here are some of my observations this time around:

  • Food:  The church has been wonderful in bringing meals over for the boys and me. They do this because they love our boys and do not want them to starve. My boys made a big point of describing my cooking in gory detail to everyone just to make sure. They are true survivors.
  • Kids:  Boy, kids ask a lot of questions. About all sorts of stuff. All the time. They also get sick and need transportation to go places. Who would have thought?
  • Bedtime:  I hate going to bed alone. I fight it for hours, then finally crawl into the sheets exhausted. I know, I’m a wimp.
  • Homeschooling:  Three kids in three different grades take a combined total of seventeen different subjects every day. That adds up to a whole lot of work for both them and their teacher. (That’s me while Rose is gone.)   I am proud of how hard they work at their studies and amazed at what Rose does every day, all year long.
  • Mealtimes:  Mealtimes without Rose are quieter with less laughter. Friends from church have brought over some great meals, but nothing beats the whole family sitting around the table together enjoying mom’s good home cooking.
  • Clothes:  My magic dresser seems to be broken. What’s up with that?
  • Cell phones:  Cell phones with unlimited family minutes are a wonderful blessing when your loved ones are far away.
  • Fridays:  I miss Friday Morning Cracker Barrel with my Rosi. Enough said.

I am counting the minutes until Rose returns.  Literally!  (Update: I had a countdown timer here actually counting down the minutes, but now the timer has finished and Rose is safely back home. Praise the Lord!)

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  1. Mommas would we wise to take a little vacation with regularity just to remind us of how good we have it when she’s keeping the family universe intact.

    May your time pass quickly, brother!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Thanks Gunny, we are hanging in there!

  3. Rose Fowler says:

    Mrs. Mom is back. After cleaning up the smells, scrubbing the kitchen sink, uncluttering the counters and desks, filling up the wastebaskets (which had been left unused), rinsing off the dried crusty food left on the dishes – I finally unpacked very exhausted. Then I said to Ray, “I certainly have a lot of work to do around the house tomorrow!”

  4. Ray Fowler says:

    Wow. Mrs. Mom is one tough cookie. The amazing thing is that I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up the house in preparation for her arrival. I am thinking men and women have two different ideas of what “clean” means.

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