Amazon Kindle to Add Real Page Numbers

      (Note: For ebook and audiobook conversions, see Fowler Digital Services.)

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon announced today that the latest software update to the Kindle will include real page numbers. This has been a huge issue for the Kindle, so I am glad to see Amazon finally addressing it.

Kindle’s page numbers match the page numbers in print books so you can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class. If your Kindle book includes page numbers, you’ll see page numbers displayed next to locations when you push the Menu button. Page numbers and locations are only displayed when the Menu button is pushed.

I format ebooks for authors and publishers, and this is similar to a solution that I offer my clients. I call it the page number grid. The page number grid correlates with the print version of the book and provides a convenient way for ebook users to jump to any page from the print edition. This is especially helpful for group situations or Bible studies where some people have the print edition and others have the ebook.

You can find an example in an ebook that I recently formatted for Dr. William B. Salt. Here is the link to Amazon, and you can just download the free sample to check it out:  Still Hurting, Find Health.


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Note: For ebook and audiobook conversions, see Fowler Digital Services.

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