Favorite Christmas CDs – Number 5

We love Christmas music at our house and have collected quite a few Christmas CDs over the years. We have a lot of the old classics such as Bing Crosby, the Vienna Boys’ Choir, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, as well as more modern ones.

This week I will be sharing with you sound clips from my five all-time favorite Christmas CDs. My favorite music revolves around singer/songwriters and acoustic guitar, so you will quickly notice a trend in each of these recordings!

I will do this in the form of a countdown, so today we start with number five.

Shawn ColvinHoliday Songs and Lullabies

Holiday Songs and Lullabies: Shawn Colvin Song list: 1. In the Bleak Midwinter; 2. Christmas Time Is Here; 3. Now the Day Is Over; 4. Rocking; 5. Windy Nights; 6. All Through the Night; 7. Love Came Down at Christmas; 8. Silent Night; 9. All the Pretty Li’l Horses; 10. Little Road to Bethlehem; 11. Seal Lullaby; 12. Evening Is a Little Boy/The Night Will Never Stay; 13. The Christ Child’s Lullaby; 14. Close Your Eyes.

This delightful CD features a unique blend of Christmas carols, folk songs, and lullabies. I love the way Shawn wraps her voice around each of these melodies in her own distinctive way. Here are a couple sound clips:

Little Road to Bethlehem

Love Came Down at Christmas

Feel free to share any of your favorites in the comments, and be sure to come back tomorrow for number four!

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  1. Bev Barnett says:

    Also at the top of my fav’s list… I predict Bruce Cockburn will appear somewhere in the next four, and if not, you may want to check it out for next year 🙂

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Bev – I predict your prediction may come true some time later this week, but we will just have to wait and see! Feel free to recommend any more of your favorites to the group.

  3. Tom says:

    One of my favorites is at this link…… 🙂

    I guess because I know the guy. He’s got a great heart.

  4. Sharon Gamble says:

    I had an old Evie Christmas record that we played every year when we decorated the tree. Anyone know if we can get Evie on CD? My daughter tried to find her and failed.

  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Sharon – Do you remember the name of the record? I found three different Evie Christmas recordings online: Come On Ring Those Bells, Christmas is a Happy Time, and Christmas Memories. Christmas Memories was a compilation that was released on CD but is now out of print. Used copies run around $70-$80, so you are probably better off finding a used cassette copy and burning your own CD (which is legal as long as you own your own copy).

    Here are two companies that specialize in out-of-print Christian music that may be able to help you.

    Web: http://www.spinone80.com/
    Email: SpinOne80@msn.com

    Hard to Find Music
    Web: http://goingdigitalmusic.com/
    Christmas music: http://www.goingdigitalmusic.com/acdchristmas.htm
    Email: info@goingdigitalmusic.com

    I have dealt with Jeff at SpinOne80 before, and he has been very helpful. The other company I don’t know, but it looks like they have a good selection. All the best, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Sharon Gamble says:

    It was Come On Ring Those Bells. I will check out SpinOne80. Thanks!! (If used copies are that expensive…you would think they would re-release it…)

  7. Jeff Foster says:

    Was doing some Googling about favorite Christmas albums of past and present and found your site here! What an excellent forum you have. Wanted to simply offer my services of one of the best selections of vintage Christmas albums and also the ability to offer very clean recordings of them with your album/cassette, or if you already own the album or tape and simply need a clean recording at a reasonable price. Just e-mail me at spinone80@msn.com for details or visit my website at spinone80.com.
    Now my all-time favorite list of the top 10 classics and not so that I think should be in anyone’s collection that I’ve given a lot of thought to this year.No particular order….

    1 Julie Andrews-Firestone Presents Your Favorite Christmas Carols Volume 5 (This is available on cd now with an extra bonus track that was not originally on the album for lack of space, I think she has one of the absolute most beautiful voices in the world.)
    2. Russ Taff-A Christmas Song (just love the arrangements here with that brush drum and Wes Montgomery vibe!)
    3. The Gamble Folk-Christmas Boy (Christian folk band of mid-70s with a style like that of The New Christy Minstrels. Heartwarming moments here, especially “Christmas Lullaby)
    4. The Ramsey Lewis Trio-Sound Of Christmas (the only Christmas music I can ever remember being played around our house in the mid 60s growing up. Absolutely the best jazz Christmas release ever hands down!)
    5. Lynn Anderson-The Christmas Album (just a very fun album and definitely has that very warm retro sound.)

    Let me follow up tomorrow with the remaining 5 ok? Blessings 2 U all and have a wonderful 09!

  8. Ray Fowler says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Good to hear from you. I have ordered from you in the past and have been very pleased with the product. In fact, if you look up just a couple comments, you will see that I recommended you to another reader!

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