Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 6/1/2008

Yesterday’s message in the Life of Samuel series was called Truth and Consequences, taken from 1 Samuel 2:27-36. The main idea of the message was that there are consequences for sin in our life. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. We are accountable for God’s gifts (27-29)

    A. Eli’s privileges (27-28)
      He was chosen:
        1) to serve as priest
        2) to go up to God’s altar
        3) to burn incense
        4) to wear an ephod in God’s presence
        5) to share in the offerings made by fire

    B. Eli’s sin (29)
        1) He scorned God’s sacrifice and offering
        2) He honored his sons above God

II. We reap what we sow (30-34)

    A. Your attitude towards God matters (30)
        1) God honors those who honor him
        2) Those who despise him will be disdained

    B. God’s judgment can be severe. (31-34)
        1) Eli’s descendants would die young
        2) Eli’s two sons would die together as a sign

III. We can miss out on God’s blessing (35-36)

    A. God can fulfill his plans without you (35)

    B. God can give your blessing to someone else (36)
        1) God would raise up a faithful priest
        2) Eli’s family would be replaced

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  1. Dianne E. Wood says:

    I have no idea if this page is still active. But if it is, I really want to know why it is fair that God judged all Eli’s descendants forever for what Eli did. So innocent children are born for decades and all die early through no fault of their own. I also have trouble with God giving Penninnah children but Hannah no children. He closed Hannah’s womb. So she was mistreated by the other wife and highly distressed. I thought God was no respecter of persons. The amazing thing was how Hannah prayed that prayer and was humble and seemed to accept this from God’s hand.

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