Britney Spears’ Budget

(or, “How to live on only $737,000 a month”)

So, do you think you could you live on $737,000 a month? That is Britney Spears’ monthly allowance, and this is how she does it according to court papers released Thursday in her custody dispute with Kevin Federline.

Britney’s Monthly Budget:

  • $102,000 on entertainment
  •   $49,267 on mortgages
  •   $20,000 in spousal support
  •   $16,000 on clothes
  •   $15,000 in child support
  •     $4,758 on dining out
  •         $500 to charity
  •             $0 on savings
  •             $0 on investments
  •             $0 on education

Hmmm, that still leaves $529,475 unaccounted for. Perhaps that’s just miscellaneous spending money?

(HT: Don Surber)


  1. eclexia says:

    Oh my word….
    As a single mom of 4 kids, who gets $0 spousal support, $0 child support, stuff like this would really tick me off,
    for the big differential in my life vs. Britney’s.
    And that would be God, my Provider.
    I can’t explain or make the numbers match up as to how we make it, but God has been faithful and His people have helped in many ways. And somehow, we are making it, day by day.
    I still worry sometimes. But I go to sleep every night, able to rest knowing that for that day, God has gotten us through.
    Because of that, I can actually laugh when I read these numbers. They remind me that there certainly are worse problems than not knowing where next months’ money is going to come from!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    I find it hard not to get frustrated with this budget list when I think of people I know in our church who make less in one year than what Britney spends on entertainment each month and yet still give more to charity. I know, patience, patience.

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