Some Christian Endorsements of the New Ten Commandments Movie

Here are some Christian endorsements for the new Ten Commandments movie opening Friday, October 19, 2007:

  • “A dazzling animated epic for the family” (The Dove Foundation)
  • “A great story … a great Moses … great reasons families should see The Ten Commandments” (American Family Association, Rev. Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman)
  • “A wonderful movie for families” (MovieGuide, Dr. Ted Baehr)
  • “The Ten Commandments film is both delightful and powerful. It is one of those rare films that every child and adult should see.” (Mission America Coalition, Paul Cedar, Chairman)
  • “What usually comes out of Hollywood is not worth commenting about, but every now and then there is a cause to celebrate … I commend Promenade Pictures for their work in helping bring The Ten Commandments to the heart and soul of the nation.” (Ten Commandments Commission, Dr. Ron Wexler, President/CEO)

Christian Slater, who plays Moses in the film, will appear on Thursday, October 18 on Fox & Friends and Hannity & Colmes. (So, does an endorsement by Christian Slater also count as a “Christian” endorsement? 🙂 )

Source: PR Newswire

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