Media Access for the Next Generation (3)

Media Access for the Next Generation:
    1. Introduction
    2. Immediate Access
    3. Localized Storage
    4. Subscription Services

Immediate access to the internet at all times and in all places will change the way we store and access information. Right now we store our files, music and movies in various places and on various media. We have files at work and files at home, as well as files on a handheld or laptop, all of which constantly need synchronizing. We have MP3s on our computers and iPods, as well as CDs and DVDs on the shelf.

Think of how all this will change when you have immediate access to the internet. You will no longer need to store your files in separate locations. Whether you store them at home or some place online, you will be able to access them wherever you go.

What if your iPod was no longer a storage device, but merely an access device? What if all your files, programs, music, movies and even books were stored digitally in one place, and you merely used your handheld or laptop to access them whenever you wanted? What if you could access your media from any television, computer or handheld device in the world?

You would no longer have to worry about the storage capacity of your portable device. You would no longer need shelf space for CDs and DVDs. You would no longer have to synchronize different sets of files, because you would only be working with one set of files from a single location. (Of course, regular back-ups would still be essential.)

For me the ideal, portable access device would be about the size of a small book, maybe 6 x 9 inches, small enough to carry around, yet with a large enough screen for reading books, browsing information, or working with files.

So, immediate access to the internet will lead to localized storage – which will lead to devices that focus on access rather than storage. This will lead to yet another big change: the shift away from ownership of media to subscription services. (continued tomorrow)

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