The Many Faces of Worship – A Photo Essay on Church Hymnals from around the World

Here is a photo essay from Christianity Today featuring people and hymnals from around the world. The slideshow presents a brief history of hymnals as well as giving you a glimpse into believers from other cultures worshiping the Lord through song. Here is one example:

The Canela People of Brazil
    Photograph: Jack Popjes from All the World is Singing

The Canela people of Brazil have a 24-hour song cycle and can tell time simply by what song people are singing, says Jack Popjes, who moved there with his wife in the late 1960s. This photo of one of the Canelas’ Bible classes, one in a 70-day string of such meetings, shows the attendees learning a new song. Popjes, ethnomusicologist Tom Avery, and Canela song and dance leader Abilio Tami created a small hymnal in the Canelas’ bafflingly complex musical tradition with lyrics from Scripture.

When I was in high school, I actually considered becoming an ethnomusicologist. I wanted to combine my love of music and worship with missions. For more on worship around the world, check out the International Council of Ethnodoxologists web site. (Now there’s a mouthful!)

The vision of ICE is that Christians from every culture will have the opportunity to express their faith through their own heart music and arts.

To further this vision, we seek to promote the application of insights drawn from the fields of ethnomusicology, worship studies, and other disciplines in Christian ministries worldwide.


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