What the World Eats – A Photo Essay on the Family Dinner Table from around the World

Last week I linked to Christianity Today’s photo essay on church hymnals from around the world. This week let me recommend Time Magazine’s photo essay: What the Word Eats (“What’s on family dinner tables in fifteen different homes around the globe? Photographs by Peter Menzel from the book Hungry Planet”).

Each photo in the essay features a different family from around the world with one week’s worth of groceries spread out on the table. The captions tell you how much the food cost and highlight some of the family’s favorite foods . For example, this is the Casales family of Cuernavaca, Mexico. Their food expenditure for one week is 1,862.78 Mexican pesos or $189.09. Their favorite foods are pizza, crab, pasta, and chicken.

The Casales family of Cuernavaca

Weekly food expenditures ran from as high as $500.07 for the Melander family in Germany to as low as $1.23 for the Aboubakar family in Chad (who also had much less food to eat). The photos show families and food from the following countries: Japan, Italy, Chad, Kuwait, United States, Mexico, China, Poland, Egypt, Ecuador, United States (again), Mongolia, Great Britain, Bhutan, and Germany.

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