The Air Car – A Car that Runs on Compressed Air

In the search for a viable alternative to gasoline-only driven cars, research has so far focused on ethanol, electricity, hybrids, and hydrogen. Now you can add yet another alternative to the mix. Check out the Air Car, the world’s first car that uses compressed air to push its engine’s pistons and produces zero, that’s right, zero emissions.

                Air Car

The Air Car has a range of 125 miles and can go up to speeds of 68 mph. Not bad considering you can fill up the tank in minutes with compressed air for only $2. Or you can plug your car in overnight and let the car’s built-in air compressors refill the tank in about 4 hours.

The Air Car was developed by ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre for Luxembourg-based MDI. It is currently in production and 6000 units should be availabe in India by next summer.

HT: Instapundit

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  1. Jeff says:

    Now if they could get this thing to run on Hot Air, our buddy Al would get unlimited mileage!

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Jeff, my friend, you are on a roll. You’re getting a lot of mileage out of Al Gore this week yourself.

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