Blogging with Habakkuk (25) – One Final Post

(Part 25 in a series of posts on Habakkuk.)

We have reached the end of our journey together through the book of Habakkuk. In many ways Habakkuk’s journey mirrors our own journey through life. We saw that Habakkuk began his journey with a lot of questions. “Does God care? Is God fair? Is God there?” But instead of running away from God with his questions, Habakkuk kept bringing his questions to God, and finding the answers that he needed. Habakkuk began his journey in the valley of doubt and fear, and ended his journey scaling the heights with God in freedom and faith.

It is a beautiful journey, and one that is open to all who will come honestly to God with their questions, and seek him with all of their heart. God promises in Jeremiah 29:13: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” So wherever you may be in your own personal journey from doubt to faith, let me encourage you, keep seeking God. Keep coming to him with your doubts and with your questions.

And I pray that God will also lead you to a place where you will learn to trust him no matter what, where you may run along the heights in God’s presence with the feet of a deer. May God help us to learn the beautiful lessons that he has recorded for us in the book of Habakkuk.


I hope you have enjoyed this blogging series through the book of Habakkuk. I have posted the accompanying sermon series under the Sermons page if you would like access to the complete messages.

I would also be interested in your feedback on this series. What have you learned from the book of Habakkuk, and how has studying this book helped you in your life? Was it helpful to blog through the book a little bit at a time? Would it have been more helpful just to have the sermons posted and to read through them? Which would you have been more likely to read – the sermons off the sermons page or the daily blog installments? Did you read the posts regularly, or did you find that these were ones you tended to skip over? Thanks for your comments in advance! It will help me as I plan future series for the blog.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I have read the daily blogs on Habakkuk – don’t think I missed any. I never knew there was so much to learn in Habakkuk. It has helped to be reminded that if we have doubts, it’s OK to bring them honestly before God. He knows what is in our hearts anyway. I have sometimes prayed in the words of Scripture, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” Sometimes I pray “God, help me, I need a lot of help.”

    Habakkuk, in spite of all his troubles and questions, trusted God through it all, and finishes up with those wonderful words of faith and joy, trusting in Him that no matter what happens, his heart belongs to God.

    Thanks for reminding us of the lessons to be learned in the minor prophets.

  2. Sharon Gamble says:

    I didn’t read all of them, because I don’t go to the blog every day. However, they were short enough that when I did go on, I could read through and learn and enjoy. I am less likely to go to the sermons page because of time. I read what’s “right there”. I liked the continuity of one topic, though, because I could still “catch up” if I missed a day or two. It was great to follow it so thoroughly, too. It was a mini Bible lesson every time I opened the blog and, reading the Word is the best. I say keep ’em short, keep them on the main page, and keep them coming.

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Thank you for your comments. That is helpful to me. Anyone else?

  4. Magdalene Ng says:

    Hi Pastor Ray Fowler

    I have read through your entire blog on the book of Habakkuk. I am so pleased to have hit your blog through google search using my favorite verse on Habakkuk 3:19.

    I like to share with you how the Lord revealed this verse in my life. I have never noticed the book of Habakkuk until one day, March 2007. I was praying to the lord for direction in my career path.I was led to read the verse Hab 3:19. Since then the same verse keep appearing along my life journey as follows:
    – I saw same verse on a bookmark when I visited a bookshop in my
    country, Singapore
    – I saw a deer at Muir Woods National Monument Giant Redwood at
    USA when I visited the place. During that time,I was on a
    Chronic Disease Self Management Programme training programme held
    at Stanford University. Thereafter(same day),I saw the same verse
    on a bookmark when I was at bookshop, China Town,Sanfrancisco.
    – I happened to read the same verse while reading daily bread
    – On another occasion, I shared with my workshop participants how
    amazing the Lord keep showing me this verse Hab 3:19. On the very
    day after my workshop, when I attended the evening service, my
    pastor preached the same verse. I was really excited on what the
    Lord was saying to me. He is my strength.
    – When I visited a community outreach program at community outreach
    clinic, I saw the same verse printed on the bronchure, Hab 3:19
    sharing about vision.
    – I read a book “Hinds’ feet High Place” by Darren Cooper,sharing
    glorious real experience with God, awesome
    – Another book by Charles – Frances “Hunter” Prasing God is my
    strength, put me at high place. God is my bravery and invincible
    army. I was very encouraged and could identify God’s beauty and
    goodness. He is the best director in my life
    – I saw a Bible by John C, Maxwell, the most significant thing
    happened to the bible. What I saw was a little extra page of
    Habakkuk 3:19 surfaced out at the corner of the page of Habakkuk
    3:19.It was awesome, I was thrilled how the Lord repeatedly
    revealed this verse to me in a personal way. I bought the bible

    Since then, I always search for more revelations on the book of
    Habakkuk especially for the particular verse in 3:19. This verse has empowered me to trust God more and strengthen my faith. I am excited how the Lord is leading my life journey, strengthening me like a deer, bringing me to the greater heights.Exactly what Hab 3:19 described

    I am thankful to you for sharing the book on Habakkuk,this is what I have been looking for, to have a greater understanding of the background of Habakkuk and its learning points that could apply in our daily life.

    May God bless you and your family richly through your generous sharing of God’s word, in particular to the book of Habakkuk.

    Thank you very much


  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Magdalene – Thank you for sharing how God has personally spoken to you through this verse.

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