A Quarantine Prayer

A quarantine prayer:

“Dear Lord, as our hair grows longer, and our patience grows shorter, please give us strength for these troubled times!”



  1. sarah cadwell says:

    We need prayer for followers of Jesus to have wisdom and discernment in this “time out” we have been given. I am very thankful I live in a state, FL, that does not have the overly prohibitive restrictions. Data shows voluntary not mandatory restrictions are best – i.e. Sweden, etc. Pray for believers to follow the Lord with renewed passion so that they do not blindly follow untruths and how to do it winsomely as a witness for the Lord! People more than ever need the Good News instead of the media’s bad news.

  2. Ray Fowler says:

    Sarah – Amen to all those prayers. We live in Florida, too – Plantation, just outside of Fort Lauderdale.

  3. ben devillena says:

    Im thankful messages. Very inspiring and theological. Hope that could learn more from these messages. Thank you so much, by yhe way

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