The Psalms of Ascent – Stepping Stones to God’s Heart

During the fifteen weeks from January 1 through Palm Sunday we studied the fifteen Psalms of Ascent on Sunday mornings in preparation for Easter. Here are the links to the audio, outlines and manuscripts for the various messages in the series.


The Psalms of Ascent | Stepping Stones to God’s Heart | Psalms 120-134
(Click here for a PDF of all the sermon outlines for the series.)
(Click here for the audio of all the sermons.)

Sermon Manuscripts:
Psalm 120 – Praying in Times of Trouble
Psalm 121 – Trusting in God’s Providential Care
Psalm 122 – Gathering with God’s People
Psalm 123 – Looking to the Lord for Mercy
Psalm 124 – Depending on God
Psalm 125 – Safe and Secure
Psalm 126 – From Tears to Joy
Psalm 127 – Resting in God’s Blessing
Psalm 128 – Fearing the Lord
Psalm 129 – Persevering through Pain
Psalm 130 – Waiting in Hope
Psalm 131 – Humbled and Content
Psalm 132 – Believing God’s Promise
Psalm 133 – Living Together in Unity
Psalm 134 – Blessing and Blessed (Palm Sunday)


  1. Samuel K. Mutai says:

    Glory to God….

  2. DR D says:

    Ray, came across your site as I was preparing a series on these Psalms. Pilgrimage: A Journey to the Heart of God. Your insight on the triad repetition: trouble, trust, & triumph was so helpful to interpreting these psalms. Much like Walter Bruggerman;s Orientation, Disorientation and Reorientation. I use the three words: Surviving, Reviving, and Thriving. This of course is the theology of the all the Psalms, but to see it specifically in the Psalms of Ascent was genius.

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