Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 8/14/2016

Sunday we began a new message series through the book of Colossians called Living the Christ-Centered Life. The first message presented an overview of the book and explored the opening verses (Dear Colossians, taken from Colossians 1:1-2). Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. The city of Colosse – a small town by the river

II. The church at Colosse – threatened by false teaching
   A. Three major themes in the false teaching:
      1) dualism (creation; incarnation; asceticism)
      2) legalism (circumcision; holy days; Jewish ceremonies)
      3) mysticism (visions; worship of angels; secret wisdom)

   B. Three major doctrinal errors:
      1) weak Christology – denial of Christ’s person
      2) works-righteousness – denial of Christ’s work
      3) spiritual elitism – denial of Christ’s body, the church

III. Paul’s letter to the Colossians – Christ is central
   A. Major themes
      1) the person and work of Christ:
         – creator and sustainer of all things (1:15-17)
         – head of the church (1:18-19)
         – reconciler of all things (1:20-23)
         – source of all wisdom and knowledge (2:2-3)
         – fully human and fully divine (2:9)
         – deliverer from sin and evil (2:13-15)
         – fulfillment of the Jewish law (2:16-23)
      2) the new life of the believer:
         – new relationship with Christ (3:1)
         – new desires (3:2-4)
         – new practices (3:5-10)
         – new relationships with other believers (3:11-17)
         – new relationships at home (3:18-4:1)
         – new mission in the world (4:2-6)

   B. Paul’s introductory remarks (1:1-2)
      1) Paul’s authority (an apostle by the will of God)
      2) the church’s identity
         – holy and faithful (believers)
         – brothers and sisters (family)
         – in Christ (Christ is central)
      3) “Grace and peace to you from God our Father.”

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