Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 4/20/2014

Our last message from the Lead Me to the Cross series was an Easter Sunday message called The Other Side of the Cross, taken from Matthew 28:1-10. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. The other side of the cross for the women at the tomb
   A. Joy mixed with fear (Matthew 28:8)
   B. Worship (Matthew 28:9)
   C. Commission (Matthew 28:10)

II. The other side of the cross for Jesus
   A. Satisfaction (Isaiah 53:11)
   B. Reunion (John 13:1)
   C. Glory (Revelation 5:12-13)

III. The other side of the cross for you
   A. Salvation (John 3:18)
   B. Perseverance (Hebrews 12:1-3)
   C. Resurrection (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)

Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death

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  1. Terry Fitzgerald says:

    Way to go Pastor.

  2. Wade says:

    If we better understood what we’re heading to, we’d better cope with what what treading through.

  3. Frank says:

    I like how you made this succinct. The graphics are great.

  4. Ray Fowler says:

    Thank you Terry, Wade and Frank!

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