Around the Web – 8/6/2010


  • E-Book Surge in China. “A survey by the Chinese Institute of Publishing Science found that almost one in four people in mainland China aged between 18 and 70 now primarily used digital formats for their reading material. Among those aged under 29, though, that figure was 50 per cent. And an astonishing 91 per cent of the 20,000 people polled in the survey said they would now not bother to buy printed books if they could find a digital version.”
  • 129,864,880. Using a series of complex algorithms, Google counts up how many books exist in the world. Their answer is 129,864,880. At least until Sunday.
  • Plagiarism in the Digital Age. “Digital technology makes copying and pasting easy, of course. But that is the least of it. The Internet may also be redefining how students — who came of age with music file-sharing, Wikipedia and Web-linking — understand the concept of authorship and the singularity of any text or image.”

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