Cell Phone Revolution

From Friday’s New York Times:

By mid-2010, there will be 6.8 billion humans on this planet. According to United Nations estimates, there also will be five billion cellphone subscriptions. These are astonishing numbers. What is still more astonishing, and hopeful, is the breadth of change this number reflects.

The United Nations says that right now 80 percent of the world’s population has available cell coverage. The fastest adoption of cellphone use is occurring in some of the world’s poorest places.

Cellphones are cheap, their batteries can be easily recharged with solar power and they are creating nothing short of a revolution: knitting rural communities together, sowing information, and altering the most basic assumptions about health care and finance. Anyone who has traveled to Africa recently can vouch for these changes.

In nearly every sizable town or city, there are dozens of tiny kiosks where phones can be rented or repaired and subscriptions can be purchased. In regions where communications used to be nearly impossible, cellphones are essential to social innovation. This means everything from microfinance and electronic credit, via SMS, to better networking among health care workers and their patients.

Five billion cell phone subscriptions out of 6.8 billion people on the planet is truly a straggering statistic. How will the world going mobile change life as we know it? Your thoughts?


  1. Donna says:

    Hi Ray !!!!!
    Cell phones are truly amazing, and its also astounding how many people have them, I just wish I could get my girls to stop texting and have a good old conversation !!!!!
    Miss you

  2. Jeff says:

    “How will the world going mobile change life as we know it? Your thoughts?”


    Call me on my cell and we can discuss this!

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Donna – I read the other day the average teen texts ten times an hour. Miss you, too!

    Jeff – Hopefully when I call you on your cell phone you will be in Maine on your snowmobile and already well out of range!

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