Personal Theology of Ministry

This week and next I will be sharing my Personal Theology of Ministry. A theology of ministry is a great way to capture what is most important to you about ministry and communicate it to others. Some people call it a “Philosophy of Ministry,” but I prefer the word “Theology.” It reminds me that these should not simply be my own thoughts about ministry, but rather my thoughts filtered through Scripture.

I have put my theology of ministry together in nine sections. Although I tweak it from time to time, it remains similar to what I first wrote down in seminary. Here are the links to the series. Each link will become active as I post that particular section.

Personal Theology of Ministry:
    • When God calls, God enables
    • The pastor is called to equip the church for ministry
    • The pastor is called to serve the church in love
    • The church is called to serve the world in love
    • Apart from God nothing of lasting value can be accomplished
    • God’s Word is central to all effective ministry
    • Grace is the hallmark of true Christian ministry
    • The pastor is responsible to God and the church
    • The pastor must care for his family and personal self

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