Who’s Buried in Herod’s Tomb?

Yes, it’s a trick question. Archaeologists found coffins there containing the remains of most likely Herod’s wife and the wife of Archelaus, Herod’s son, but no Herod as of yet.

The bright red and elegant coffin of Herod, which was displayed last year, is now completely restored, along with a large tomb. Prof. Netzer ascertains that the red coffin is the burial coffin of Herod …

One big question remains: Where is Herod’s body? “We have only found a very small number of human bones at the site and have not been able to come to any conclusions,” Netzer said. “We have not yet finished digging and have only uncovered a small area.” But he does not believe the king’s remains will ever be recovered.

Todd Bolen summarizes the latest discoveries at Herod’s tomb over at BiblePlaces.com.

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