Views That Have Vanished: Israel in the 1960’s presents Views That Have Vanished — a collection of over 700 never-before-seen photographs taken in Israel and the surrounding areas in the 1960s.

In the early 1960s, David Bivin went to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Armed with a Yashica-D medium-format camera, Bivin traveled the land of Israel and the surrounding regions taking photographs of biblical sites, archaeological excavations, and everyday scenes. Today these photographs provide a window on a land that has changed radically, as a result of the construction of cities, the Six Day War, and the unification of Jerusalem … The collection includes photographs of Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Greece, and Rome.

The Photo CD is on sale for only $20 from now until October 31 (free shipping in the U.S.). Click here to see a sample of “then and now” shots from the collection.

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