News and Notes – 5/9/2007

100th birthday present. Ten years ago Briton Alec Holden bet his bookie 100 pounds that he would live to see his 100th birthday. His bookie gave him 250-1 odds. On April 24, 2007 Holden turned 100 years old and collected on his bet to the tune of 25,000 pounds (over $50,000). Holden, still in good health, attributes his longevity to daily porridge, chess, and “remembering to keep breathing.” Nonsense, he just really wanted to collect on that bet!

Going up? Two not-so-bright men in Norway were arrested for vandalizing an elevator. How did they get caught? They damaged the elevator from the inside causing the doors to jam. Security guards then called the fire department who freed them while the police waited for them outside. Oh yes, a security camera also recorded the whole episode.

Rooftop PreacherRooftop preacher. The Rev. Alan Gibson of Evansdale United Methodist Church, NC, was scheduled to preach from the roof of his church last Sunday in celebration of his congregation reaching over 100 in attendance. His neighbor thought it might be a good idea to tie a rope to the pastor’s belt to keep him from falling.

HT: Justin Childers at CROSS-Eyed

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