News and Notes – 5/4/2007

Free Comic Book Day. Saturday, May 5, is the sixth annual Free Comic Book Day. Check the Free Comic Book Day website for participating stores and available titles.

Dodging peanuts. Pastors on the western frontier used to have a rough time of it. According to a history report prepared as part of a community development study in Washington state, “It was not uncommon for people from other denominations to attend different churches, throw peanuts at the ministers and boo them. The Wild West must have been trying at times for Men of the Gospel.”

Global warming on Mars. Scientists from NASA report that the planet Mars has experienced rapid global warming over the past three decades and is in danger of losing its southern ice cap. However, due to the lack of human activity on Mars, scientists are looking elsewhere for an explanation. Strong winds are stirring up giant dust storms, trapping the heat and raising the planet’s temperature.

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