So When is Your Tax Freedom Day?

Congratulations! If you live in the United States, as of today you can start earning money for yourself for the rest of the year instead of for the government.

According to The Tax Foundation, today (April 30, 2007) is America’s Tax Freedom Day. That means Americans spent the last 120 days working to pay their taxes and have now fulfilled all of their federal, state and local tax obligations for the year. Last year, the national Tax Freedom Day came two days earlier on April 28, 2006.

April 30 is the national average, but individual State Tax Freedom Days vary widely according to the state’s tax burden. Oklahoma has the earliest date at April 12, and Connecticut has the latest date at May 20. Here is a list of the states with the earliest and latest Tax Freedom Days. So when is your Tax Freedom Day?

Ten Latest Tax Freedom Days (states with the heaviest tax burdens)

  1. Connecticut (May 20)
  2. New York (May 16)
  3. New Jersey (May 10)
  4. Vermont (May 9)
  5. Rhode Island (May 9)
  6. Nevada (May 8 )
  7. California (May 7)
  8. Washington (May 6)
  9. Massachusetts (May 6)
  10. Minnesota (May 4)

Ten Earliest Tax Freedom Days (states with the lightest tax burdens)

  1. Oklahoma (April 12)
  2. Alabama (April 12)
  3. Mississippi (April 13)
  4. Alaska (April 13)
  5. Tennessee (April 15)
  6. New Mexico (April 15)
  7. Louisiana (April 16)
  8. South Dakota (April 16)
  9. Texas (April 19)
  10. Idaho (April 19)

For a complete list, visit the Tax Foundation’s Tax Freedom Day page here.

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