Attending Church

Here are some miscellaneous quotes about church attendance (or the lack thereof):

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then some people must really love the church!

Call it a trump card if you must, but lawmakers in Virginia made a law in 1610 that prescribed the death penalty for people who failed to attend church three consecutive Sundays.

The following statistics reveal church is the safest place of all. Automobiles account for 20 percent of all fatal accidents, while 17 percent of fatalities occur at home. Fourteen percent happen to pedestrians on streets and sidewalks. Travel by air, rail, or water causes 16 percent of the deaths. Yet, of all reported deaths, only .001 percent occur in worship services.

The great task of the Church is not only to get sinners into heaven, but also to get the saints out of bed.

Has it been a while since you’ve been in church? Why not decide right now to go this week – and then go! Just remember (one last quote):

This could be a word of caution to those who place their eternal security in church membership rather than Jesus Christ. The late Corrie ten Boom, a survivor of the Holocaust, used to say, “A mouse in a cookie jar isn’t a cookie.”

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