A Final Easter Cartoon from B.C. and Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart, the creator of the B.C. comic strip series, died Saturday of a stroke at the age of 76. He was at the drawing table in his home when he died.

I have always enjoyed the B.C. series (as well as the Wizard of Id, the other series Johnny was involved in). Johnny had a keen sense of humor, and his comics almost always made me laugh, and often made me think as well.

Johnny was a Christian, and he sometimes injected his faith into his B.C. strips. Here is his comic from Easter Sunday yesterday.

Thank you Johnny for sharing your life, faith and humor with us over the years. We will miss you, of course, but how magnificent for you to celebrate Easter Sunday 2007 in the presence of your resurrected Lord!

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Legendary cartoonist, Johnny Hart, created two of the most popular comic strips in history: B.C. and Wizard of Id. When he became a Christian in 1984, Johnny turned his trademark wit and humor to matters of faith. Johnny passed away the day before Easter 2007 while at his drawing board. “This book is a dream that Johnny and I shared,” says his wife, Bobby. “I knew I had to finish our dream.”


Recent comic strips:

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  1. judi zauneker says:

    I am looking for the Easter comic strip where the woman goes to the river to wash here clothes but the water is red and her clothes come out white. I don’t believe there were any words just pictures and it was powerful. I would love to post it for this coming Easter on my facebook page. Thank you very much and God Bless

  2. Bob Findley says:

    Yes I am looking for that one or the one where the man wades across a stream. The last scene is the stream is flowing from a hill and a cross and comes out with clean clothes or at least clean where the water touched.

    Anyone know what date that was?

  3. Ray Fowler says:

    Judi and Bob – Here is the comic strip you were looking for: http://www.rayfowler.org/2014/04/14/bc-easter-cartoons-part-1/

  4. Dan Shaw says:

    Dear Bob,
    I came across your web page and hope you can help me. I am a long-time Johnny Hart fan and particularly appreciated his Easter specials. He did one with several pains showing Jesus on the cross, the whole thing being swallowed up by the earth, and then the last frame with the ground spitting out the cross without Jesus (as I recall) the last frame had the words coming from above; “That’s my Boy”. I kept a copy for years but can’t find it in my office at Fuller Seminary. Can you help me find it again–it was a powerful message in contemporary, Johnny Hart style–only he could do something like that.

    In anticipation–He is Risen!
    Dan Shaw

  5. Ray Fowler says:

    Dan – Thank you for stopping by. I’m sorry, but I am unable to locate that particular cartoon. It sounds like a great one! If I run across it I will send you an email. Blessings – He is Risen indeed!

  6. Tracie Fortner says:

    I am looking for the Easter strip worth the tomb of Jesus with the stone rolled away.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I also remember an Easter comic strip where the cross seemed to go down into the earth (hell) then shoots up to heaven … Very powerful … I’d love to see it again

  8. Elaine Smith says:

    Where can I find the Christmas comic strip that gave the definition of a manger?
    Thank you for your help.

  9. Darlene Walsh says:

    I’m looking for the cartoon that asks, “You say your God when to hell?” and the answer was “Actually he just dropped in to pick up the keys.”

  10. Marilyn Paulson says:

    I’d love to find the one one that says, “He cancelled my reservation in Hell.” While leaning against a tree.

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