News and Notes – 3/24/2007

Water baptism by fire . . . hose. I have heard of water baptism, and baptism by fire, but never water baptism by fire hose. The United House of Prayer congregation recently held an outdoor baptism in the streets of Los Angeles where they baptized participants from the church and community by fire hose. The service was meant as a symbol of prayer for healing for the community rather than as an actual baptism.

Judas go home. I am getting a little tired of people releasing books and movies attacking the Christian faith in the weeks just prior to or following Easter. The latest offering? “The Gospel According to Judas Written by Benjamin Iscariot.” This is a fictional work rewriting the gospels from the narrative viewpoint of Judas’ son.

Preschool admissions wars. Never mind getting into the college of your choice. It’s hard enough getting into preschool these days. Slate Magazine addresses the hurdles and hassles of getting your two year old through the admissions process at high stake preschools.

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