Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 4/14/2013

Yesterday’s message in the Philippians: Partners in the Gospel series was called A Prayer for Christian Growth, taken from Philippians 1:7-11. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. The motivation for prayer – love for each other (Phil. 1:7-8)
    A. Love for each other as partners in the gospel (7)
    B. Loving each other with the affection of Christ Jesus (8)

II. The content of the prayer – Christian growth (Phil. 1:9-10)
    A. Pray to grow in love (9a)
    B. Pray to grow in knowledge (9b)
    C. Pray to grow in discernment (9b-10a)
    D. Pray to grow in holiness (10b)

III. The result of the prayer – changed lives resulting in praise and glory to God! (Phil. 1:11)
    A. The fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus (11a)
    B. To the glory and praise of God (11b)

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