The 5 Audiences for Every Sermon

I found this quote about preaching both encouraging and illuminating.

What other form of speech has these five effects: to delight God, to astonish angels, to discourage devils, to encourage saints, and to restore sinners? I’ve done my time preaching to virtually empty halls and churches, and it is a great fillip to remember that three of the five audiences of a sermon are unseen. (Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Explosive Preaching: Letters on Detonating the Gospel in the 21st Century, p. 79)

(fil’lip [noun]: 1. the snap made by a finger which is held down toward the palm by the thumb and then suddenly released; 2. a light blow or tap given in this way; 3. anything that stimulates or livens up; piquant element)

HT: Biblical Preaching

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