Sunday Morning SoundBytes – 3/3/2009

Yesterday’s message in the Gospel of Mark series was called Lord of the Sabbath, taken from Mark 2:23-3:6. Here is a brief outline of the message:

I. God’s laws are made for our benefit (2:23-28)
    A. The Pharisees accuse Jesus’ disciples (23-24)
    B. Jesus responds to the Pharisees (25-28)
        1) David and his friends ate the consecrated bread.
        2) The Sabbath was made for man.
        3) Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.

II. It is always lawful to do good (3:1-5)
    A. The Pharisees look for a reason to accuse Jesus (1-2)
    B. Jesus confronts the Pharisees (3-5)
        1) “Which is lawful: to do good or to do evil?”
        2) Jesus heals on the Sabbath.

III. Legalism is the enemy of grace (6)
    A. The Pharisees team up with the Herodians.
    B. Together they plot to kill Jesus.

    1) Think good thoughts of God.
    2) Receive the Sabbath as a gift from God.
    3) Be people of grace.

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